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Boat Transfers

Do you want to transfer your boat for holidays or to carry out works? We can think about it!

  • Transfer from and to anywhere of your boat, motor boats, sailboats, catamarans.
  • Transfer boats to the areas you have chosen for your holidays within your time frame and return.
  • Ritiro imbarcazioni presso i cantieri di fabbricazione o di acquisto, prove in mare e consegna nel porto di destinazione.
  • Trasferimento barche verso e dai cantieri per manutenzione ordinaria e straordinaria ed assistenza sul posto per la durata dei lavori.

How can we help

Transferring your boat is not always a simple thing. Sometimes there is no time. Maybe it’s a new purchase, the necessary ability to calculate the best route, the weather conditions or simply the support of an expert companion who can accompany you or help you get to know the boat. Entrusting your boat, your investment or your much desired dream to others who are involved in transferring it, means looking for and finding competent, capable and available people. Loving all the boats as if they were ours, we propose you to rely on our boat transfer service: with a minimum crew (1 or 2 people in most cases), with or without the owner, we are able to make the move in the safety of your boat. All our captains are qualified and referenced with a lot of experience in carrying out this delicate operation, especially for transfers to and from Sardinia and Corsica, with an important knowledge of the best nautical routes. Our boat transfer procedures provide for maximum clarity and responsibility in all phases, from the first information to the time of delivery.a

What are the steps that will allow you to transfer your boat safely?

There are some steps that begin when you contact us and explain exactly when you would like to make the transfer, giving us more details on:
  • Type of boat
  • Its on-board equipment
  • Insurance coverage
  • Treats to be accomplished
This will allow us to offer you one or, if possible, multiple transfer solutions and all related costs. You will thus be able to appreciate our experience and evaluate our proposals and the our best economic offer. Once identified how, when and how much it costs, everything will be planned and put into practice. Any possible variation on the plans, you will be communicated in real time and you will be constantly informed on the position of yours boat during its sea voyage.

At the time of delivery or collection of the boat, the following checks will be carried out. All checks will be carried out on a check list, sent to the owner before departure.
  • Structure of the yacht (bulkheads, structural joints, moorings…, sealing of skylights and portholes, handrails, handrails…).
  • Condition of deck equipment, rigging, sails, ropes.
  • Engine: general conditions, belts, levels, smokiness, material of respect, transmission.
  • Tanks: any leaks, cleaning the tank. Fuel and filters, operation of levels.
  • electrical system, in particular for batteries, electronic instrumentation circuits, autopilot, navigation lights, windlass, etc …
  • Condition of hull and subsea appendages, propellers.
  • Documents: they will be verified and integrated with what is necessary for navigation (booklet, insurance, purchase contract, chamber of commerce certificates, crew visas, etc …)
  • Safety equipment

Preparation for departure

  • The boat will be tested at sea, if necessary, to give the crew the safety of the efficiency of the vehicle they will have to transfer
  • Anything superfluous for navigation or the owner’s personnel will be protected and stowed properly
  • All surfaces at risk with regard to use during the transfer will be protected
  • The tests, the actual conditions of the boat and so on at the time of Navigazioneboarding our boat crew will be documented with photographs that will be sent to the owner before departure


  • Your boat will be conducted with extreme care and professionalism, sea and wind will be dealt with conservatively, both to maintain a high level of safety, and to minimize stress and wear on the hull, equipment, engine and sails.
  • The Owner will be updated on the position of his boat and on the progress of navigation, by text message, telephone, email
  • We will use our meteorology experience to plan navigation in maximum safety
  • During navigation, the logbook will be drawn up which includes all navigation and noteworthy events.

Arrival and delivery

  • Upon arrival, the boat will be desalted, cleaned above and below deck, the sails covered or stowed, the mooring made safe even for long periods, always with photos and videos forwarded to the owner.
  • The navigation logbook will be integrated, and then delivered to the owner, with the final observations on the transfer and on anything that may emerge on the condition of the boat, all accompanied by photographs and / or videos.

Some further information on transfers

  • Delivery of the boat: when the boat is delivered or collected by the skipper in charge of the transfer, everything must be in order; the documents and mandatory safety equipment must be in order, and above all the boat must be able to navigate without problems! Any known defect and all the special procedures to be adopted in certain situations must be listed to the skipper at the time of delivery, in order to limit as much as possible the number of unforeseen events that could occur during the transfer of the boat.
  • Calculation of the transfer costs: the costs that you have to budget for the transfer of the boat are essentially three: the fees, the direct expenses and the crew complaints.
  • The fees: they are proportional to the number of miles to be traveled on the best route based on the weather and sea conditions and are adequate for the number of people required, approximately from € 1.00 to a maximum of € 3.00 per mile, detailed in the estimate stage.
  • Direct expenses: the expenses incurred for fuel and moorings are estimated and detailed in the estimate stage; documented at the time of shopping with supporting documents. A reasonable percentage is always considered subject to unforeseen events, which will always be communicated first to the owner.
  • The exposed: they represent all the out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the crew for the transfer of the boat and grow according to the time taken. Estimate and detailed in the estimate phase. A reasonable percentage is always considered subject to unforeseen events, which will always be communicated first. The shipowner must reimburse the crew for all expenses (reasonably) incurred and documented by the relevant documents that will be presented in the final balance.
The boat transfer service, both with individuals and for companies and shipyards, is an activity in which the preparation and competence of the team are essential to complete the trip successfully; before and during navigation every element will be taken care of in every detail, because only in this way can the owner be satisfied with the work done.
All our services are available both for individuals and for companies, brokers and shipyards.Tutti i nostri servizi sono disponibili tanto per i privati che per aziende, broker e cantieri navali.
Contact us today and in a very short time you will receive a quote and find out how convenient and comfortable it is to use our boat transfer service.